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Accessible Minivans

Saturday January 01, 2000 -

The purpose of buying an accessible minivan is not to clean out your pockets. It should not be an excessive expense. There are several competing companies in the business of producing accessible minivans. AMS Vans does not use a commission based tactic to sell accessible minivans. Our knowledgeable staff will not use pressure in order to make a sale. Their most important obligation is to provide assistance and information to buyers of accessible minivans.

Adaptive Mobility Systems' accessible minivans come directly from the factory. There is no middleman between the factory and the purchaser. Eliminating the middleman from the process is for the benefit of the purchaser. This means that there is no unneeded cost added to purchasing handicap minivans. AMS also understands that traveling to pick up your vehicle might be a daunting task; therefore, your accessible minivan can be safely delivered from the factory to your chosen destination.

Each accessible minivan must undergo several safety inspections to ensure the protection of you and your passengers. AMS vans are tested according to the strictest Federal Safety Standards. Tests on accessible minivans include government controlled crash tests. The AMS staff of professional staff are experts at maintaining quality controlled surroundings. Apart from the required Federal Safety Standard tests, AMS carries out several other tests and inspections on an ongoing basis. Purchasers of handicap minivans can rest assured that they are driving a safe and reliable accessible minivan.

In order to accommodate as many individuals with disabilities as possible, there are two different types of accessible minivans. They include the rear entry lowered floor minivan and the side entry lowered floor minivan. Full sized accessible vans are more costly to drive than accessible minivans. The obvious reasons for this are handicap minivans use a more fuel-efficient engine and minivans have a lower weight. For resale purposes handicap minivans endure less depreciation than full sized vans.

The least expensive accessible minivan available is the rear entry modification vehicle. The rear entry conversion to the original minivan is far less inclusive. The cost is reduced even more when converting to a rear entry accessible minivan because most of the original parts are kept. This means that there are less production hours resulting in the lowest possible cost for a rear entry handicap minivan.

Converting to the side entry lowered floor accessible minivan is more complicated than converting to the rear entry minivan. The adaptations to the chassis of the side entry handicap minivan are quite extensive along with the doors. However, side entry handicap accessible minivans are especially popular with families. Side entry handicap minivans provide adequate space for families that require fully automated and accessible features.

Accessible minivans are easier and more comfortable to drive than accessible full sized vans. As a general rule, the handicap minivan's weight distribution and its dimensions are similar to those of an unmodified minivan. The side entry vehicle is most suitable for wheelchair users who self-drive their accessible minivan. In most instances, the floor is lowered in the front, which gives direct access from the ramp to the driver's seat.


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