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Pass On The Gift Of Freedom--Sell Us Your Wheelchair Van

As an authorized seller of AMS Vans, we stand behind their goal, which is to provide affordable transportation to those with limited mobility. Therefore, we encourage customers to sell or trade-in their wheelchair vans in order to provide someone else with the same freedom you have experienced. That means we need you.

If you're ready to upgrade or no longer need your wheelchair van or minivan, sell it to us! We're also always looking for other accessible vehicles, so if you want to sell your handicap pickup truck, we're interested. All we need are a few basic details about you and your van or other vehicle. Make sure that you include the correct VIN and mileage so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

We sell wheelchair minivans nationwide, so regardless of your location we will buy your handicap van or help you find a buyer. Contact us today for more information, or to get started.

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Need a Used Companion Van?

We offer used companion vans for sale. This van will not allow your Friend or family member to ride upfront with them.

Conversion Vans for Companions

Handicapped Accessible Vans

Get mobility vans w/new conversions, 7/70 warranties, trade-ins accepted.

Handicapped Accessible Vans for Sale

Accessible Minivans

Watch a handicap van pass the stringent 2010 crash test requirements.

Wheelchair Accessible Vans
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