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Fit Your Handicap Accessible Van with Q’Straint Safety Straps

Handicap Vehicle with Q'Straint Safety Straps Wheelchair Accessible Vans knows quality, so it isn’t a big surprise that we fit our handicap accessible vans with safety straps built by Q'Straint. Q’Straint is an internationally recognized company known for their pledge to manufacture the highest quality wheelchair and occupant securement systems. Every Q’Straint system surpasses the rigorous test requirements of SAE J2249, ISO 10542 Wheelchair Tie-Downs, and Occupant Restraint Systems for Use in Motor Vehicles. Q’Straint has a confirmed track record for providing safe transportation for a wide range of handicap accessible vans, which is evident in the following:

  • Q’Straint was the first restraint system manufacturer to participate in the sled test used for testing automobile safety belts to a wheelchair restraint system.
  • Q’Straint operates with the latest computer technology, which essentially provides cost-savings to the customer.

With the combined efforts of the highly trained technicians and engineering teams, Q’Straint is able to offer the highest quality safety straps at the most affordable prices. Wheelchair Accessible Vans believes in the importance of combined safety and value for the customer; therefore we make Q’Straint products available for use in all our handicap accessible vans. Q'Straint system and installation is only $375 or comes standard with rear entry vehicles.

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